Piece of the puzzle

There are many footprints here including this sauropod footprint. What can we learn from many footprints that we couldn’t learn from just one? Do you think the sauropod interacted with any of the other dinosaurs?

Aerial shot looking down at a greyish-brown rocky ground. There are several people sitting down. The camera slowly moves in getting closer to the ground. Holes in the ground become more noticeable. Eventually one takes up most of the frame and we see it is a big sauropod footprint.

Richard: When you study tracks and trackways, you’re seeing the actions of animals that were alive when they made those traces. So you’re getting a lot of an idea of how the animals used their anatomy, what other animals they’re walking around with, and what environments they were frequenting. And you know what kinds of behavior they had, whether they were traveling in groups or singly, or all kinds of things that you just can’t get from bones.