Dinosaur Peak


Fossil impressions

Make dinosaur footprints in a shortbread cookie and bake them to form imprint fossils. Fill the footprints with chocolate and remove the chocolate to form relief fossils.

Draw & Colour

Tracking the Trails

You discover different footprints at Dinosaur Peak. The shape of the footprints tells you what kinds of dinosaurs made them. Draw these footprint shapes in your field journal or print the worksheet.


Pack your bags

What will you need on your expedition? Helicopters have a weight limit, so you and your gear can’t weigh more than 90 kilograms. What will you pack?


Geologic processes

It is rare that a fossil forms, and for that fossil to be found. Write down the events that would have to happen to go from footprint to fossil, or print the activity.

Roadside Finds


Which route?

Where should you construct a road? What obstacles might you encounter? Write some ideas in your journal or print this activity.

Draw & Colour

How big were ankylosaurs?

Measure your height and draw yourself on the worksheet, or in your journal next to a 5-metre long ankylosaur.


Which came first?

Certain fossils are found only at specific times. We can use these fossils to tell when in time the rock layer formed.

Draw & Colour

Lumps to life

What do you think a lumposaur would like. Draw one in your field journal or print out this activity!

Explorer’s Valley


Finding fragments

Searching for fossil bone fragments amongst other rocks can be tricky. Can you find all the pieces of this hadrosaur's rib?


Spot the similarities

Can you think of any similarities between dinosaurs and modern birds? Look at these drawings for clues.


Modern descendants

We can see relatives of fossil organisms around us today. Match these fossils with their descendants. Draw them in your journal or print the worksheet.

Draw & Colour

How big were these dinosaurs?

Tyrannosaurs were some of the largest meat-eating dinosaurs. How big are you compared to an Albertosaurus? Draw in your journal or print the activity.

Forest Footprints

Draw & Colour

How big were sauropods?

Brachiosaurus was up to 21 metres long. Other types of sauropods were up to 39 metres long. How big is a person in comparison? Draw in your journal or print the activity.


Examining behaviour

Look at these tracks and analyze what the dinosaurs were doing, and if any were in groups.


Comparing claws

Claws have many purposes, you can often tell what they're used for from their shape. What do you think these animals' claws look like?


Make tracks

What could we learn about you from your own footprints? Write down your ideas in your journal, or do the activities on the printout.