Look up!

The footprint fossils are found on the underside of a rock overhang on this cliff. Why do you think this makes them difficult, and dangerous, to study?

A black truck drives along a two-lane highway. A rocky cliff embraces the left of the road and a river gently flows by to the right.

Richard: So the, because it’s a cliff, it is sort of a dangerous site to approach.

A grey slate cliff face looms above. An overhang protrudes outward creating a covered spot beneath.

Richard: We’ve been to it and I’ve done some research on it. We took some 3D images of a number of tracks.

A multi-coloured scan of the overhang. The colours represent the depth of several protrusions on its surface.

Richard: Now the main focus is going to be on the underside of a ledge.

Looking directly up at the overhang from below several small protrusions are visible.

Richard: Like there’s an overhanging ledge at this cliff and it’s always good to take a look under these things.

Richard and Lisa sit in the front seat of a car as they drive down a road.

Richard: And I took a look under the ledges and noticed tracks under there and there’s some pretty interesting footprints and trackways.