Bring the right equipment

To get to these footprints you have to get up the mountain first. How will you get close enough to study them? You can’t bring the footprints back with you, so how will you record what you see?

Car headlights illuminate a paved road as it drives along in the dark. Dark silhouettes of trees are visible against the sky. A helicopter approaches an airfield as the dawn breaks. From inside the helicopter cockpit looking out, a field stretches into the distance with a single mountain outlined against the light blue sky. Cut to black.

The helicopter flies over a forest towards a mountain range as the morning sun rises just above it. Down below misty clouds gather in the valley between tree-covered mountains. As the helicopter flies further into the mountain range brown rocky peaks poke above the tree line. A woman with a red bandanna and sunglasses (Lisa) sits in the rear of the helicopter surrounded by expedition gear. She smiles and waves.

Even deeper into the mountain range the mountains get taller with sharper peaks. The green valleys reach only a short distance up the base of these rocky giants. The helicopter flies close over a peak, our destination, Richard points a finger at a rock face near the top, next to a glacier remnant. Fade to black.

The helicopter sits in a grassy field with its blades still spinning as it prepares to take off. Mountains stretch along behind it. Walking along a muddy snow melt pool, impressions of bear paws are visible. Lisa with her hiking pack on crouches down and traces her finger across a stone slab. The rocky mountain ridge behind her climbs into the sky.

Looking up, the mountain peak rises far above. Loose rock debris from erosion covers its slopes. Lisa holds a brown rock and points out a fossilized fern visible on its surface. A man dressed in hiking gear (Richard) climbs the loose rocky slope of the mountain. Lisa holds a greyish-brown rock and points out a piece of blue fossilized bone embedded within. She opens a small yellow notebook and begins to write while sitting next to the fossil.

Looking up, the rock slab and glacier remnant that was visible from the helicopter are close. We have reached the top. Looking back down the long slope of the mountain the field the helicopter landed in is visible. Richard sits on the slope of the mountain holding a drone controller. A quadcopter drone takes off into the air in front of him.

Drone point of view: the mountain side covered in debris from erosion slopes down towards the field with the snow melt pool. Tracking along the stone slab on the mountain side, impressions from dinosaur feet are visible on its surface. A stream flows through a mountain valley breaking up the surrounding forest. Two tents are pitched on the hill above. Cut to black.