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Profile rendering of a Brachiosaurus. Its long neck stretches high above its body reaching 15 metres. It stands on 4 feet with a body length of 18 metres.

Sauropods were the largest…

Show Answer Type of dinosaur that we know about


Two hadrosaur silhouettes walk beside each other, making two trackways with the same curve. An ankylosaur also leaves prints.

How do we know dinosaurs moved in groups from their footprints?

Show Answer Multiple parallel tracks turn in the same way


The silhouette of a therizinosaur, a dinosaur with very long claws on its forelimbs and a thickly feathered tail, standing on its back legs.

What makes therizinosaurs an unusual type of theropod?

Show Answer They were likely herbivorous


A big flock of gulls and royal terns gather on the beach.

Which example of bird behaviour does NOT help us learn about dinosaurs?

Show Answer Some birds live in brightly painted bird houses