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What did we learn about here?


Profile rendering of an Albertosaurus standing with its mouth is open showing big teeth. Its arms are tiny compared to the 10-metre-long body covered in brown skin, half of which is tail.

Which one is a type of tyrannosaur?

Show Answer Albertosaurus


A cast of the Archaeopteryx fossil, showing a tailed skeleton surrounded by the imprint of feathers.

What is NOT something found in both dinosaurs and birds?

Show Answer Large, sharp teeth


Dr. Darren Irwin, a man with short, light hair, wearing binoculars in front of dark green trees.

What is “speciation”?

Show Answer How one species becomes two over time


A grey, crested duck-billed dinosaur walks on two legs along a modern river.

What do we know about hadrosaurs?

Show Answer They may have used their crests for vocalizations