Tracing the past

Footprints can be difficult to spot, often they can just look like a bumpy rock. Watch Lisa and Richard trace these footprints. Can you see the toes before they point them out?

Richard: This one there’s no way this isn’t an ankylosaur.

Point of view – Richard looks at a chunk of grey rock with slight depressions on it. Lisa kneels down next to the rock. Richard starts to trace out the outline of a footprint with chalk.

Richard: So, yeah, so there’s that. There’s our footprint and it’s a left footprint of an ankylosaur. And this is, this is big but it’s not as big as some of the ones that I’ve seen here.

The outlined footprint has four rounded toes and is four times the length of Lisa’s hand.

Richard: Looks like there’s a handprint behind it. Ankylosaurs have five toes on their hands. I only see…

Richard starts to trace the outline of a handprint behind the footprint.

Lisa: I’m just getting finger and toe tips.

Richard: Yeah, just…

Lisa: It might be a bit of a depression there.

Richard: That’s it, that is it.

The outlined hand has similarly rounded fingerprints and is about half the size of the footprint.