Spot the footprint

Finding a tyrannosaur footprint is a big deal. Lisa has very sharp eyes. Can you make out the footprint?

Point of view - Richard looks up a rocky hill at Lisa.

Lisa: There might be something that wants to be a footprint.

Richard looks down at a large piece of rock. Toe-shaped bumps protrude from the rocks surface.

Richard: So this might possibly be a footprint there. This is a toe, another toe, and another toe. I think it’s not bad actually.

Richard traces his finger along the outside of the footprint pointing out the three visible toes.

Richard: So one, two, three, this one’s diverging. So it makes it two, three, and four. It probably is a print, just really, really beaten up.

Lisa: Oh yeah, well took a bit of a tumble.

Richard brushes off some of the loose rock around the footprint.

Richard: I’d say this looks like a tyrannosaur print too. Yeah, I’d buy that for a tyrannosaur print. So just added another to a very rare amount of them in the world; there’s less than 20.