Sizing up

It’s difficult to tell exact size from footprints. The dinosaurs found here might have been this big if you were standing next to them.

Silhouettes of a girl (1.3 metres tall) and a man (1.7 metres tall). The camera pulls out to reveal silhouettes of dinosaurs that increase in size. An ankylosaur 1.5 metres tall and 5.5 metres long. A therizinosaur 3 metres tall and 5 metres long. A medium theropod 3 metres tall and 8.5 metres long. A large theropod 3.5 metres tall and 10 metres long. A hardrosaur 4.75 metres tall and 9 metres long. A sauropod 15 metres tall and 18.5 metres long. Their footprint shapes are shown below them.