Hide and seek

Richard was able to find this bone among all the rocks by the river. Could you spot the bone before him?

Text: Can you spot the piece of bone?

Point of view – Richard looks down a hill. Loose rock debris is scattered all over. Tufts of long grass poke up between the debris. Richard leans in and picks up a piece of rock that is browner than the surrounding rock.

Richard: Found a bit of a rib!

Richard picks up a few more pieces of rock and examines them.

Richard: So this would be part of a long bone, cuts through right there. They’d have to clean it up, but this is all bone right here. And this is sediment that’s adhering to it. See?

Richard pulls off some flakes of rock attached to the bone.

Richard: Decent chunk of bone. There’s another chunk of bone here, it came from the same rock. Might be the head of a rib, possibly. See, expands that way. 

Richard traces his finger along the bone outlining its shape.

Richard: Came from that way. So we have to find a way to get there. But that doesn’t mean that there’s going to be more.

Richard looks up the hill. There are more rocks and trees above.